Professional Musician

“Live music is best”

My YouTube Videos

Here are a few of the videos I have recorded and shared on YouTube. If you would like to keep up-to-date, please check out and subscribe to my channel by clicking the blue play button box below.

Take It Easy

This is the video single for my song, “Take It Easy” that I premiered in October. It was shot it in the beautiful woods near my home with my talented videographer daughter, Molly and features the also talented Giant Schnauzer, Reggie!

Let It Be

I think this song was one of the first dozen or so tunes I learned on the piano. Still love the classic opening piano riff. I’m doing this in B♭. Down a whole tone from The Beatles version. Voice is getting old…

For No One

One of my favourite tunes from Revolver and one of my all time faves from Paul. John always thought very highly of this one. So do I…

Sweet Painted Lady

Another underrated gem from the Yellow Brick Road LP. A rather naughty little Taupin lyric. Great tune…