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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about my seniors gigs
Please feel free to contact me  directly if you have any other questions.
How much do you charge?

My Seniors Entertainer rate is $150 per hour. No HST.
If the venue is 60 minutes or more away from my home, a $50 travel charge will apply.

*Seniors Entertainer Recurring Booking Program: My rate drops to $125 per show if a client books a minimum of six (6) dates in a calendar year.

For special events, private parties and non-seniors related functions, please use the CONTACT page to request a quote.

How do you like to be paid?
By cheque is fine. I do, of course, accept cash.
What kind of music will you play?
While I do have a set-list of approximately 75 songs, my 40 years full-time in the music business has taught me to “read” the room and the crowd. That skill gives me the ability to take the show in whichever musical direction the audience and moment inspires. I will always include a high number of popular seniors standards.
Do you bring your own sound equipment and musical instruments?
Yes. I use only top notch, professional sound equipment and musical instruments.

I also have my own canopy for outdoor venues.

How long do you take to set-up your gear?
I try to be onsite a full 60min prior to a scheduled performance.
Having said that, I can have my gear set up in under 15min. That does not include “load in” time.
How many songs will you play?
A 60min set will usually accommodate 15-20 songs.
Do you take requests?
If I know it, I’ll play it.
May one of our residents sing with you?
No, I do not have guest performers.
I can be hired as a an accompanist. My rate for piano only backing is $75hr.
The client must supply the sound system and the piano or keyboard.
What if you're playing too loud for our residents?
Just let me know. As my employer the volume is completely up to you.
I am there to please. I have no issues with playing at whatever volume you’d like.
What if one of our residents has a fall and breaks some of your gear or one of your instruments?
I am fully insured. You will have no liability issues.
    Video performances

Videos of a couple of the songs I perform at my seniors gigs